Friday, July 26th

3:00 pmCheck-in

4:00 pmWelcome

4:30 pmCybersecurity Expert – An Overview of New and Emerging Threats: Standing Firm in Faith Amid Digital Oppression

In an age where digital landscapes are increasingly monitored and controlled by powerful entities, our cybersecurity expert sheds light on the sophisticated threats posed by oppressive regimes and Big Tech's overreach. This presentation is tailored for Christians who seek to understand and navigate the challenges of practicing their faith in a digital world that's often hostile to religious freedoms. Discover the latest developments in digital surveillance and censorship, and learn strategic ways to safeguard your online religious expression. Equip yourself with the knowledge to uphold Christian values and community in the face of growing digital persecution.

5:30 pmDinner Break

Enjoy dinner at a local establishment of your choosing.

7:30 pmBryan Wolfmueller

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” (Psalm 68:11). This presentation will explore how new media can be used in a faithful Christian way. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of new media and offer practical tips for using new media in a way that is consistent with our Christian faith.

Saturday, July 27th

9:00 amAndrew Packer – Navigating Digital Realms: Pastoral Care in the Modern Age

In this presentation, Pastor Packer will delve into the complexities of the digital landscape, exploring the challenges it presents within both the home and church. He will unpack practical solutions designed to mitigate these challenges. The overarching aim is not to shun the digital realm entirely, but rather to guide individuals in navigating it wisely, guided by the wisdom of God.

10:00 amBreak

10:30 amBrent Clingerman – Faith Meets the Digital Age: AI and Bioethics in the Christian Perspective

In this enlightening session, we explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and bioethics through the lens of Christian faith, addressing the profound questions and challenges that the digital landscape introduces to our ethical and spiritual convictions. As AI technologies advance into areas like healthcare and genetic research, they bring to light significant moral dilemmas that resonate deeply with our Christian values. This talk invites us to reflect on how we can navigate these waters, ensuring that our engagement with AI not only upholds but enriches our commitment to life, dignity, and the divine wisdom that guides us.

11:30 amCybersecurity Expert – Practical Considerations: These Are the Tools and Why You Should Use Them

In an era where digital surveillance and data collection are omnipresent, safeguarding our privacy becomes an act of stewardship over the gifts entrusted to us. This session, led by a seasoned cybersecurity expert, is tailored for Christians seeking to navigate the digital realm with discernment and integrity. We'll unpack essential tools and strategies to shield ourselves from the invasive eyes of Big Tech, focusing on practical solutions that respect our values and protect our community. Learn how to fortify your digital presence against potential persecution and maintain a faithful witness in the face of growing online challenges.

12:30 pmLunch Break

Enjoy lunch at a local establishment of your choosing.

2:30 pmRoger Peters – Preserving Our Heritage: The Importance of Print in the Digital Age

In a world where digital content is easily altered, Pastor Peters brings to light the subtle yet significant changes occurring in both print and ebook editions of published texts. This presentation will underscore the importance of maintaining physical copies of key Christian works as a safeguard against the erosion of our theological foundations. Furthermore, Pastor Peters will explore the proactive measures being taken to digitally preserve Christian literature, ensuring its accessibility and distribution even in the face of attempts by oppressive regimes to erase these vital resources from the online world. Join us for a vital discussion on the intersection of faith, technology, and the enduring value of the printed word.

3:30 pmRoundtable Discussion

This is a second chance for conference attendees to ask our speakers their pressing questions.

5:00 pmDinner

Dinner will be served at St. Paul this evening.

Sunday, July 28th

8:00 amWorship Time

Attendees are welcome to attend Worship at St. Paul, or visit a nearby congregation of their choice.

9:30 amBryan Wolfmueller

In an era dominated by digital communication, how can Christians ensure their engagement with new media aligns with their faith? Building on the foundations laid in his first talk, Pastor Wolfmueller will illuminate the path for navigating the digital divide with grace and conviction, offering insights on maintaining a Christ-centered presence amidst the noise of the information age.

10:30 amItinerarium

A prayer for safe travels.


*All speaker portraits were created using the AI-powered DALL-E image generator based on loose descriptions of the speakers.

Bryan WolfMueller Senior Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church

Along with the vocations of husband, father, and pastor, Pastor Wolfmueller has a number of theological hobbies. He is the author of three books and numerous articles, essays, and resources. He’s involved in radio and podcasting and is a regular guest on Issues, Etc., Sharper Iron, The Echo Chamber, and others. More recently he has been experimenting with teaching the Scriptures through video, and his YouTube channel, wolfmueller1, is a growing conversation about the beauty of the Scriptures and the clarity and comfort of our Lutheran doctrine. He sends out a fun weekly newsletter called Wednesday What-Not, and all these various projects end up on his website at

Andrew Packer Senior Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Collinsville, IL

Andrew Packer is the senior pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Collinsville, Illinois.

Brent Clingerman Director of Technology, Texas Right to Life

Brent Clingerman joined the Texas Right to Life team in 2013 as a technology consultant, quickly becoming the Director of Technology. He hosts the weekly Pro-Life Podcast, discussing current events through the Pro-Life lens. When the HeartBeat Bill passed in 2021, Brent stood against cancel culture, keeping the Pro-Life Whistleblower site running against millions of cyber attacks. In February of 2022, Brent joined the ProLife Podcast as the host, discussing modern cultural topics through the Pro-Life view. He has spent almost 30 years in non-profit IT and believes technology can be a God-given tool to help further our Lord’s cause.

Cyber Security Expert

The Cyber Security Expert has spent over ten years conducting offensive cyber operations throughout various government organizations, including the National Security Agency, United States Cyber Command, and elite military special forces. He has led teams of cybersecurity experts in executing hundreds of operations against heavily secured networks to combat near-peer nations and stop multiple terrorist attacks. He now works as a cyber expert in the private sector and helps multiple Christian organizations to proliferate the gospel and support international missionaries.

Roger Peters Assistant Director of Library and Information Services, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN

Roger Peters is a theological librarian serving since 2014 as the Assistant Director of Library and Information Services at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is also the pastor of a rural congregation in northeast Ohio. He is amazed by God's gracious preservation of His Word throughout the centuries and is excited to see how He will continue to preserve it into the digital age.


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